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60 Affirmations To Attract Love, Romance, And Relationship In 2023

by Jessica

The new year is a period of self-reflection and hope. It signifies the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new story. As you embark on another exciting path in the journey called life, you can practice affirmations to attract love, if that is something missing in your life. 

From poets to kings, almost everyone can testify to the all-consuming power of love and the peace and happiness it brings with it. The search for love, obviously, isn’t always the easiest and can leave you feeling dejected.

But hey! Good things take time, So don’t give up. While there might not exist a magic potion of love in real life, there is a method of putting positive vibes into the universe called affirmations. They can help you find your soulmate if you’re single. And if you’re in a relationship, manifesting can assist you in amplifying the love and passion in your current union.

20 Affirmations To Attract Love

Affirmations are straightforward; they are brief, uplifting phrases that help you manifest the reality you desire.

The real magic is in the application of them. The usage of affirmations on a daily basis is what is most crucial. It’s entirely up to you how to use them. However, here are some suggestions:

1. Love affirmations that work fast

Fast is not the keyword here. It is more about consistency. You can attract love instantly if you are devoted to the process of affirmations and repeat the following phrases every day: 

  • “I’m ready to give and receive love now”
  • “I attract devoted, caring, and loving companion(s)”
  • “I’m pulling my genuine love to me”
  • “I appreciate the love I have received”
  • “I absolve people of their previous wrongdoings”
  • “My heart is open to receive the love coming my way”
  • “I’m prepared to commit to a relationship”
  • “I feel that my soulmate is close by”
  • “I am developing sincere connections”
  • “The right person will recognize who I really am”

You make these a part of your morning affirmations to attract love. Affirming first thing in the morning also enables you to be more positive throughout the day and not have a negative outlook on life. You never know, maybe you will run into a cutie at the coffee shop, thanks to these affirmations. 

2. Love affirmations to attract a soulmate 

So, it isn’t just the love you are looking for. Your search is for that one partner with whom you can spend your life and grow old together. Believe it or not, we all have a soulmate, though finding them might take some time. Here are some unconditional love affirmations to attract your spirit partner: 

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  • “I am deserving of a soul-satisfying, deep love”
  • “I have a strong attraction to healthy, long-term relationships”  
  • “I have faith that the universe will find me, my perfect partner.
  • “My soulmate is drawn to my loving and positive energy”
  • “My soulmate and I have an unmistakable connection”
  • “I’m approaching my soulmate right now”
  • “My divine birthright is to find my soulmate”
  • “With each passing day, my soulmate is drawing me closer”
  • “The energy between my partner and I get stronger every day”
  • “I’ll recognize my soul partner the moment we connect”

You might not believe in the concept of a soulmate or spirit partner, but if you have faith in the idea that there is one person out there for you, who can be your other half or the yin to your yang, then you must practice these affirmations to attract love like that in your life. 

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20 Affirmations To Attract Romance 

Many people confuse love and romance as one. The truth, however, is that romance and love are two different entities that might or might not coexist. Romance is a feeling of excitement and passion for a person when there is some form of attraction. While you may have found love, you and your partner could be struggling with romance. Here are some powerful affirmations which can help you: 

Positive affirmations to attract romance

When manifesting romance, in a way, you are practicing affirmations to attract romantic energy from a specific person (your partner). It can help to imagine their face in your head when you use the following affirmations: 

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  • “I choose to think of new romantic gestures”
  • “I am becoming a more romantic partner”
  • “Romance helps my partner and I develop our love”
  • “Romance is improving my relationship”
  • “Being romantic makes my partner happier”
  • “I easily notice when romantic situations arise”
  • “I seek opportunities to create romantic settings for my partner and me”
  • “I find enjoyment during romantic dates
  • “Romance brings positivity to my relationship”
  • “Being romantic is an effortless part of my relationship”
  • “Being romantic helps me demonstrate my love to my partner”
  • “My relationship will continue to improve with more romantic effort”
  • “My partner and I naturally find opportunities to be cute and romantic”
  • “Becoming more romantic is improving my relationship and my life”
  • “My nature is to find romance with my partner in ordinary situations”
  • “My close and romantic relationship is a positive example to others”
  • “I naturally find joy in being romantic”
  • “The universe is sending romance toward me” 
  • “I’ve been receiving love and passion from the universe”
  • “I am worthy of all the love, romance, and amazing experiences I want”

Sometimes, we forget that the feeling of romance can be underwhelmed because of our own doubts and questions. Practicing morning affirmations to attract love and romance can help you build your own confidence and remind you that you are worthy of romance. 

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20 Affirmations To Attract A Relationship

Is there a specific person who has become the bane of your existence and the object of all your desires? Or have you found your spirit partner but the relationship is a little rocky? You can practice affirmations to attract a specific person with whom you want to be or practice affirmations to strengthen unconditional love.  Of course, it won’t work if they have no awareness of your existence or are already in a committed relationship.  

So, keeping this in mind, here are some affirmations to attract love and relationship into your life: 

Love and romance and more

Affirmations for a lasting and happy relationship: 

If you get into a relationship, you would obviously want it to be a stable and happy one. Don’t just attract a relationship. Attract stability, positivity, and love which helps you grow as a person. If you are already in a relationship, you can practice these to strengthen your connection with your partner. Here are some powerful affirmations which can help you receive a happy and stable relationship: 

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  • “I am a positive and loving person”
  • “I plan to always love and support my partner unconditionally”
  • “I choose to love deeply”
  • “I choose to be kind and considerate toward my spouse”
  • “I listen to my partner and am willing to make personal changes for them”
  • “I am willing to put my relationship above other priorities”
  • “I always consider my partner’s opinions and emotions”
  • “I am focused on protecting my healthy relationship”
  • “I can draw reasonable boundaries”
  • “I always communicate with my partner with respect and understanding”
  • “I am in a lasting relationship”
  • “I have the ability to keep my relationship healthy and happy”
  • “I find it easy to commit to my partner”
  • “My love is seen and the universe will reward me for it” 
  • “The person I love also loves me back”
  • “I feel safe in a stable relationship
  • “The universe is preparing me for a lasting relationship”
  • “I am letting love into my life”
  • “I feel surrounded by love everywhere”
  • “I receive love in abundance from everyone I meet”

A relationship is never a one-sided effort. You need to put in the work to make it long-lasting. These affirmations to attract love will serve as a reminder for you to be consistent and patient to get the best out of a relationship. 

Key Pointers

  • Affirmations are phrases that, when repeated, can help bring a positive change into your life
  • You can practice morning affirmations to have a more positive approach and attract love into your life
  • You can strengthen your existing relationship with your partner with the help of positive affirmations too
  • A healthy and happy relationship can be manifested with the help of affirmations daily

Do not forget that manifestation is not a passive process. You need to change your reality in order to attract something or someone into your life. This can be done by using manifestation techniques on a daily basis. 

The Law of Attraction may be used to bring about change in your life, and affirmations are just one manifestation strategy. Nevertheless, they are a terrific place to start.

If you’re serious about manifesting your love, think about using more manifestation strategies or perhaps creating a manifestation journal.


1. Do affirmations work for attracting love?

Affirmations are declarations of your desire that are positive in nature. Repeating these encouraging words frequently can help them embed themselves in your subconscious mind and affect your mental attitude and conduct. You may use affirmations to make yourself more loving and loved while also attracting love into your life.

2. Can affirmations attract a specific person?

Yes. The person you want to be with can be brought into your life by using affirmations, which is a terrific technique to attract them into your life. They offer a fantastic means of altering your way of thinking and, consequently, attracting the person you want.

3. Can I manifest my soulmate?

Yes. The Law of Attraction can help you find your soulmate. The driving force behind all of our interactions with other people, including our romantic relationships, is the Law of Attraction. Believing that your soulmate is already on the way to you is the most effective approach to employing the Law of Attraction to manifest them.

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