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Relationship Compatibility Quiz

by Jessica

Relationship compatibility is confusing…Opposites attract right? But what if you and your partner are as different as chalk and cheese? Maybe then, your relationship can fall apart like a house of cards!

According to psychotherapist Sampreeti Das, one of the early signs of compatibility is that things don’t feel forced on each other. Yes, in the initial stage of the relationship, you may put your best foot forward and go above and beyond to make your partner happy but not at the cost of being someone you’re not.

“When there is relationship compatibility, neither partner feels forced to do things that don’t come naturally to them. The relationship grows organically, and partners find a rhythm and pace they’re both equally comfortable with,” she adds.

So, does being compatible mean being on the same page always? Liking the same things as your beau? Finishing each other’s sentences? Take this short and easy relationship compatibility quiz to find out.


Finally, if you see these signs of relationship compatibility in your connection with your partner, know that you’ve found the one. Hold on to each other with everything you’ve got. On the other end of the spectrum, if you don’t, take the time to assess whether you can work on fostering relationship compatibility. As long as you have similar outlooks, values, and life goals, you can work toward being more compatible as partners.

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