All of these Thanksgiving desserts are a wonderful addition to any dessert table. All of these have been made and enjoyed by our family. We have loved them for years and are grateful we can share them with you.

Sweet Chocolate Pie

This sweet chocolate pie is a classic for a reason. It's a family favorite and absolutely delicious. We love the meringue and it's a wonderful addition but you can use cool whip if you don't want to make a meringue. This pie stands the test of time and has over 80 comments.

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Southern Maple Pecan Pie

This pecan pie is made a little diffrent since it uses maple syrup instead of the traditional karo corn syrup. It has great comments and once you try it this way you will never make it the old way. Don't forget the ice cream!

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Cranberry Pecan Pound Cake

This Cranberry Pound Cake is made with a can of jellied cranberry sauce. It give is such a wonderful flavor and keeps this pound cake moist and delicious. Great addition to Thanksgiving!

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Snickerdoodle Apple Cobbler

This Snickerdoodle Apple Cobbler is made with a snickerdoodle cookie mix and fresh apples and delicious spices. Then you top it with a delicious glaze and it's one of our favorite desserts!

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Pumpkin Pecan Coffee Cake

This Pumpkin Pecan Coffee Cake can be enjoyed for breakfast and then again for dessert. It is made with a cake mix but you would NEVER know. It has wonderful reviews and is a Thanksgiving favorite.

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Southern Coca Cola Cake

If you love chocolate, this is definitely the cake for you. It is a classic for a reason and always a hit, especially during the holiday season. You can make this one a day in advance!

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Easy Cinnamon Pie

This Cinnamon Pie is easy to make and a wonderful addition to your holiday. If you love cinnamon this one is a great! Don't forget the whipped cream.

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Vanilla Wafer Cake

This Vanilla Wafer cake is an old fashioned recipe anyone will love. The texture is different but in a fantastic way and the vanilla wafers and coconut are wonderful together.

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Southern Jam Cake

If you have never had a Southern Jam Cake.. what are you waiting for?! The flavors of blackberry jam, wonderful spices, and a caramel frosting makes this cake a winner. It's been around for amny many years for a reason.

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Bourbon Pumpkin Spice Cake

This cake was an experiement that turned out fantastic. The combination of pumpkin, bourbon and delicious spices is a real treat. Great addition to any holiday dessert table!

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Pumpkin Pecan Cobbler

This Pumpkin Pecan Cobbler is really easy to make and delicious topped with ice cream. It's a wonderful dessert anyone who loves pumpkin will enjoy!

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Old Fashioned Water Pie

This Old Fashioned Water Pie has been around since the depression era. It's so simple ot make you have to wonder if it will turn out.. then you taste it and know why it's a classic!

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Old-Fashioned Tomato Soup Cake

This Old Fashioned Tomato Soup Cake was found on the Campbells Tomato Soup can many years ago. You can't taste the soup but combined with the spices it's a delicious cake. We added a brown sugar cream cheese frosting to take it to the next level!

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Chocolate Pound Cake

If you love pound cake, this Chocolate one is always a nice change from the traditional one. We love this one served with a side of ice cream!

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Walnut Maple Pie

This Maple Walnut Pie is a great twist on the pecan pie. It's made almost identical but with pecans, which is delicious! Add this one to any dessert table for a real treat.

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You can see the traditional pumpkin pie isn’t on this list, because most everyone makes one on Thanksgiving. Here is our recipe for our pumpkin pie.

If you are still planning your menu.. look no further than these 25 delicious side dishes!

These are all tried and tested by our family, and we love them all.

From cornbread dressing to pineapple casserole, you will love this list!


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