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Weekly Love Horoscopes – 26th March 2023 to 1st April 2023

by Jessica

Will someone tell you “You are mine”? Come and see if your stars align! Our weekly love horoscope for singles and couples will be updated every Sunday . Here, we will give you the best combination there is – the accurate predictions and guidance of our expert astrologer, Aakanksha Jhunjhunwala and the age-old wisdom of the planets.

Together, they will tell you what your love life looks like every week. Are you compatible with the person you have a crush on? Is a heartbreak on the cards? Or is someone else on the way to make your dreams come true? Come back every Sunday and choose your zodiac sign to read your weekly horoscope for free.

1. Aries

Singles: This week does seem to be positive for socializing as it could be a chance to meet someone special. You may want to meet at home or in a cozy private environment for a better connection.

Couples:  This week, you and your partner need to work hard on some practical issues in your relationship. This is likely to be a long process but don’t hesitate to take the first step toward resolving it. You will need patience to get through this period.

2. Taurus

Singles: You will see a better bond with your crush. Things may seem to move forward and beyond friendship. So, communicate and make plans as the stars are in favor of a change in your relationship status.

Couples: You and your partner could get into arguments, leading to stress in the relationship. You need to overcome your insecurities to bring harmony to this relationship. You are worried and there is nothing wrong with that. Express your fears, but don’t let them restrict your partner’s life. 

3. Gemini

Singles: This is a good week for hanging out with friends and celebrating birthdays or achievements. You never know where you come across someone that matches your vibe. Therefore, avoid sitting at home and go meet some people. 

Couples: This is a special period as you will be in the mood for romance. A little getaway trip or a long drive would make this even more special for your relationship. Do take advantage of this period as this is the best time to nurture your relationship and pamper your partner with all your love and affection. 

4. Cancer

Singles: You need to realize there are people who love you and support you but you may be ignoring them because of past experiences. Don’t let your ex affect your romantic prospects. 

Couples: This doesn’t seem to be the best time for your relationship. You and your partner may find it hard to agree on things and understand each other’s points of view. Make sure that you try to listen to your partner to avoid any clashes at least from your side. 

5. Leo

Singles: You may try to build walls and act defensively, making it difficult to connect with other people. If you repress your feelings, it could create distance and you may even feel like isolating yourself from others. 

Couples: This week is in your favor and favor of love. Your relationship will feel smooth like butter. The key is to express your feelings in words. Show your gratitude toward your partner. Give them more attention than you usually do. 

6. Virgo

Singles: This week is filled with love and romance for you. It seems you will find someone special this week. You may feel a special connection with this person as if you’ve known them for ages. All the guiding angels will help you meet this person, so be aware of the signs you get from them. 

Couples: This week is like calling your past and getting no response. It means you may think about your ex or someone you know from recent times and even feel like reconnecting with them. However, you may feel guilt after meeting them, as if you have cheated on your current partner. So, be honest about your feelings with your partner. 

7. Libra

Singles: A great time for new beginnings and initiating conversations with new people. You can even come across a new crush. This is a great opportunity to express love and share your emotions with others. Focus on building an emotional connection during this time.

Couples: You will need your partner’s help but may hesitate to ask for it. You need to understand that there are times when you can also seek guidance from your partner. Chances are, you may try to hide this and your partner could misunderstand it for something else. 

8. Scorpio

Singles: You may feel stressed and disappointed with your love life. You need to convert negative thoughts into positive ones for attracting the right people in your life. The current phase may not be in your favor but it won’t last long. Avoid being impulsive and wait for the right time to find your special someone.

Couples: You may feel burdened with the responsibilities of your relationship and all the efforts that you need to put in to make it work. However, you need to understand that you are not alone in this relationship and you can share your burden with your partner. This will not only make you feel lighter but also prevent resentment from seeping into your bond.

9. Sagittarius

Singles: You may be trying to talk with too many people at once, which could lead to chaos and confusion. It’d be better to focus on quality connections rather than quantity. Chances are you may try to hold on to your ex and end up comparing other people to them. 

Couples: This is a good time to show your dominant side. You are on the right track in your love life, things will work in your favor and you will feel on top of the world. Enjoy this time and share happiness with your partner.

10. Capricorn

Singles: You may feel lonely and even lack the confidence to meet new people. You may seek answers about your self-worth. Your past experiences have led you to doubt your own identity. So, you need to look within to get all the answers. 

Couples: The law of attraction is blessings you with everything you’ve been desiring for your relationship. So, wish carefully for your relationship and share your luck with your loved one to strengthen your bond. 

11. Aquarius

Singles: You are seeking balance. You want to have a stable relationship, and for that, it’s better to be aware of what you seek in a partner. This is the right period to introspect on it, as you are calm and motivated to move forward in a relationship.

Couples: You need to go slow, and take one step at a time toward bringing harmony to your relationship. You may feel that things are not going anywhere but a slow pace is the right choice for you right now. 

12. Pisces

Singles: This week is a bit hectic and you may feel frustrated with the kind of people you meet or come across. There is a chance that the situations you find yourself in may trigger some unhealed past wounds. You have to learn to keep calm in such situations. 

Couples: You may start planning or thinking about the next step in your relationship. This is the right time to take a leap of faith and move closer to your dream life. Things seem to be peaceful and in harmony.

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